Lord of The Flies

My reading is still going pretty well, however, I haven't read as much since my last blog because I've had work and AP testing to do. Anyways, I have finished 13 Reasons Why and since then, I've started reading a new book. Can you guess what book I'm reading right now ? That's right, right now, I am reading Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Lord of the Flies is a young adult fiction novel. And like I said before, I usually don't prefer reading young adult fiction books / novels, but this was a pretty interesting book, I must say.

This novel is about a group of British schoolboys who are stranded on a deserted island after having their plane shot down and crashing on to it. The boys are all alone on the island with no adults and have to quickly learn to work together and fend for themselves in order to survive in nature. Along the way, they face many obstacles on the island as well as problems with each other.

Throughout this novel, there are many themes tha…

Addicted to Reading

My reading has been going great! I am now reading my tenth book since the start of the second semester, a book that I have been wanting to read especially since so many people recommended it. I would've read it sooner but the book is a young adult fiction which I usually don't read. I usually enjoy reading mystery or realistic fiction. Although I haven't finished the book yet, it has already become one of my favorites. You may be wondering what book I'm reading. It's...13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

The book follows Clay Jensen, a shy high school student. As he comes home one day, he discovers a mysterious package full of tapes from Hannah Baker, a girl who he went to school with who recently committed suicide. The tapes reveal the thirteen reasons/
people who cause her to decide to end her life.

Throughout the book, everyone finds out that something they thought was harmless to do or say could make a big impact on someone else. And that they should be careful and caut…

Reading Life

Hey there! I'm Lilian. I am currently a sophomore in high school. Although english isn't my favorite subject, I do enjoy reading. I remember as a kid, I would always be the one who read the most in class because I loved to read. As I got older, I started to read more advance books which would take me longer to read and finish so I started reading less books. I enjoy reading book series such as the HungerGames and Divergent series. I also enjoy reading mystery books because they are always exciting and thrilling to read. I've been working on reading as much as I used to and getting back into reading.

My goal this year is to read more books than I did last year because I always want to do better and more than the previous year. Last year I read around 12 books, therefore this year, my goal is to read more than 12. I read 20 minutes everyday during independent reading time in class but I also read at home whenever I spare time. There are some books I've been looking forwa…